I have always loved animals and I'm blessed to have so many pets in my life.  I didn't get a dog of my own till just before I graduated high school and she wasn't very popular at home so I moved out ASAP, collected more dogs and cats and as soon as I had enough money saved I bought my first horse, Beau.  He was a seasoned show horse and he taught me so much.  It was a good start and I rode him till one day on a trail ride he stopped in the middle of a hill, something like I would do now!  I could feel his heart POUNDING through my legs and I knew it was time to find him an easier job.  I tried to retire him but he went CRAZY watching me ride my new horse Big AL so I eventually donated him to a theraputic riding camp for kids where he was a favorite and actually carried a challenged rider holding an American Flag in the opening ceramony at the Cow Palace Rodeo in San Francisco.  It was so awesome to see him do that. Then I bought a couple more horses and a few ponies which I conditioned, trained and sold as jumpers.  Well, I had finally done what my mother had told me to do.  She said when I had my own money I could buy a horse and I did.

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