This site is dedicated to all my wonderful pets.  Eight dogs, 1 cat, 2 horses and 5 sheep.  Each one of them has their own unique personality.  5 of the dogs are Shibas.  The Shibas are insanely funny with a slightly evil sense of humour which is fine because both husband Marcel and myself, Cheri, have twisted humours.  The Pom and the Rott are just silly happy dogs.  We always have one house cat, a black male and current cat Ming is hilarious.  He has a plain weirdness about him.  He likes to ride on your shoulder and he lets you know he enjoys this by purring loudly and nuzzling your ear!  He loves the Shibas but doesn't care for other breeds of dogs.  His favorite game is peek-a-boo and  he gets those huge saucer eyes like is his going to attack you!  He totally digs to spinning  circles in my computer chair.